Various Artists - Cipher


Cipher, C.A.N.V.A.S.’s fourth release since its reinvention as a label in April 2018, and its first compilation record, features Michael Speers, Xao, Object Blue, Ashley Paul, Ben Vince, Ausschuss, Olan Monk, Flora Yin-Wong and Lugh, all of whom have responded to specific thematic instructions to create a contextually coherently, although artistically varied collective work.

In the context of increasing digitalisation and codification as a means to recreate, record, communicate and propagate events from the real world, Cipher plays with different processes by which musical material is abstracted and codified.This project reconsiders the graphic score and other means by which music has been codified.

Cipher considers the hegemony of authorship in the context of codification of music, and speculates on possible means for musical propagation, whether they uphold human authorship or neglect it.

Responding to one of three sub-themes relating to the context outlined above, the 9 contributing artists have contributed work which, for release on vinyl record and digitally in February 2019.


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