Various Artists - Spirit Of France


Spiritmuse Records presents Spirit of France: Obscure, rare spiritual jazz, deep folk and psychedelia sounds from the French ’70s – ’80s underground. Spirit of France is an anthology celebrating the French artists whose total desire not to belong to a particular trend expanded their horizon by pushing the boundaries of creative music.
Recording in caves during the full moon, or in the open air in Ibiza to celebrate the sun, or with fascinating, unusual, artist-build instruments, and with sounds heavily influenced from Indian, African, Arabic, Eastern and Malagasy cultures, this is what makes this compilation so unique! Freedom of expression, experimental creativity and collaboration constitute the fuel for these hand picked artists. Spirit of France – a long project in the making, is dedicated in unearthing more than just curiosities, instead focusing on never been reissued, obscure, artist-self- released music.

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