Voodoo Black – Sitting At The Table


The next record to come out on Village Live is from the Manchester crew ‘Voodoo Black'(Sparkz, Dubbul O, Ellis Meade & Cutterz)

They have become major names in the UK hip-hop scene in the past decade, working closely with The Mouse Outfit and Levelz, as well as running their own label and nights: Room2 Records and Taste The Diff’rence. Collaboratively they have released a slew of videos and EPs in recent years, with the crew now primed to deliver its first full-length project.

“Sitting at the Table” serves as a bridge between modern rap and golden age hip-hop, combining a mix of sample-based sounds and live instrumentation, with a guest line-up featuring Jehst, Leaf Dog, LayFullstop and EVABEE. Whilst hailing from Manchester and fully embodying the sound of the city, Voodoo Black’s beats also take influence from the likes of J Dilla, Pete Rock, and Anderson .Paak. The lyrics of the three emcees complement each other both tonally and stylistically, with the content of their rhymes displaying grounded, warm personalities that have grown together over the years, not only as musicians but as life-long friends.

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