WASWAAS - Antidote


Waswaas debuts on The Trilogy Tapes with five tracks of warped, well-massaged and pulsating analog synth manipulation.

Presenting an ‘Antidote’ to what, we’re not sure – maybe digital saturation, stress, boredom – but either way Waswaas makes a fine debut mark with five tracks that are happy to spiral out an explore a cosmic wanderlust.

On the front he unfurls from the mid-air waltz of ‘Invocation’ into the hypnotic, Schnitzler-esque plangency of ‘Threshold’ and the furtive but funky pulse of ‘Bewitched’, which could make an ace beatless bridge in the right DJ’s hands. The flipside follows with the elegiac swell of depth charge grunts, fizzing hi-hats and bleeping stabs in ‘Nostalgia’, and the raw voltage control of ‘Reintegration.’

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