Wiki - Oofie


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Wiki is back with his second album Oofie. Released independently via his own Wikset Enterprises, the follow up to 2017’s No Mountains In Manhattan is a surprise release from the New York rapper. Guest includes Lil Ugly Mane, Denzel Curry, Your Old Droog, Lansky Jones, Princess Nokia and duendita.

Oofie, is a document of disillusionment—not with New York City but with the trials of young rap stardom. Whereas he used to rap mostly in the present tense, much of his new album switches to the past, offering a more rueful perspective on the hedonistic pursuits of his teen-age years and early twenties. (There is even a song called Back Then.)

The mythology of his youth collides with reality on this album, which has a slower, more laborious energy to it; he laments his inadequate streaming numbers, drained bank account, and drug and alcohol abuse.

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