Will Wright - Rush: Rave Flyer Rework Print


Wyrm design is the serpent at the base of the world tree, a global shamanic concept, it represents the power of the lower realms, governing sexual energies, DNA, the underworld, and our mushroom allies. The word ‘Wyrm’ is Old English and ties the work to the Northern European mysteries.

This A3 print is a limited edition reproduction of the original flyer design Will created back in ’91 for North Sea Promotions, for the Rush event at Oscar’s nightclub on Clacton Pier, Essex. Hand stencilled and painted on an A1 art board using Montana spraypaint and Vallejo airbrush acrylic, it is a contemporary rendering of the original A5 flyer. Presented in a custom frame, signed and numbered by the artist!

[59cm x 84cm] [Giclée Print on 285gsm paper]


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